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A Different Sign Company

Leveraging the latest, state-of-the-art technology, equipment, and expertise of large national sign manufacturers to provide effective sign solutions at a fair price. 


With a specialized team in each industry niche, our manufacturers are considered experts, having the latest technology, highest skill, and only sell to sign companies. 


As an independent sign contractor, Sign Source is able to work with these experts on your behalf. Giving you high quality solutions that best fit your needs and manage your sign project from design to installation.


3 Steps to Creating an Effective and Eye-Catching Sign

On-Site Analysis

Are you wondering what kind of sign to get, or what you are even allowed?  Maybe you aren’t sure where to put it or what size it should be.  We perform a site analysis to ensure you are investing in an effective sign, because an ineffective sign is a waste of money.


Not sure what the sign should look like, what colors or how big it should be?  We collaborate with you to design a sign that reflects your goals, is within your budget, allowed in your municipality and of course, is effective.

Project Management

Worried about getting permits or how the sign will be manufactured and installed? Let us handle the project from beginning to end.  Once you authorize the proposal and sign off on the artwork, leave the rest up to us.

By following our 3 step process every time, our clients are amazed at how interactive, easy, and fun the signage process can be. Contact me today to start your project. 


Your Sign Expert-Cindy Reinhold-LeClair

I’m a third-generation sign professional. My grandfather started a sign company in the 1950s that my father eventually took over, and I worked for, most of my adult life. That company was sold, and I stayed in the industry.


After working for three different sign companies in a three-and-a-half-year period, I realized that my extensive knowledge and expertise is unique and valuable. In 2017 I decided to dedicate that knowledge and expertise to those who would benefit the most, my customers and launched Sign Source LLC.


There are no limitations to creating a sign that will work well for you. As an independent sign expert, I work with only the best companies in the sign manufacturing business. The collaborative process of site analysis and design will bring your dream signs to life. 


Contact me today.

Cindy Reinhold-LeClair, Sign Source LLC