Sign Source LLC, Working for you, the customer, not a company

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Hi, I'm Cindy Reinhold-LeClair

I’m a third-generation sign professional. My grandfather started a sign company in the 1950’s that my father eventually took over and I worked for, most of my adult life. That company was sold and I stayed in the industry. After working for three different sign companies in a three-and-a-half-year period, I realized that my extensive knowledge and expertise is unique and valuable. In 2017 I decided to dedicate that knowledge and expertise to those who would benefit the most, my customers, and launched Sign Source LLC.

A Different Sign Company

Leveraging the technology, equipment, and expertise of large national sign manufacturers to provide effective sign solutions at a fair price. These are niche manufacturers who are considered experts, having the latest technology, highest skill and only sell to sign companies. This business model allows me to sell high quality solutions that best fit my clients needs, not the needs of a company I represent.   

Cindy Reinhold-LeClair, Sign Source LLC